Common Fatherhood Fears

One thing is for sure, you will probably never forget the time your partner tells you she is pregnant! Now you have to face up to the reality of impending fatherhood. Here are a few of the more common fears that impending dads may feel in the build up to fatherhood.
  • My partner will turn into a crazy woman This is unfortunately true, but the good news is that she will return to normal, you will just have to wait 9 months.
  • My partner will get fat and unattractive Yes and No. She will gain weight during her pregnancy as the baby slowly develops inside of her, but many partners are delighted to realize just how beautiful and radiant their partners look when they are pregnant.
  • My partner won’t loose her pregnancy weight after the pregnancy Her body will change after the effects of her pregnancy, but most women can easily loose the weight they have gained during their pregnancy by following a healthy lifestyle, and that means eating correctly and getting regular exercise.
  • We will never have any money again There is no doubt that having a family is expensive, so I hope that you have bought that surround sound system before the pregnancy. The average household spends nearly $10 000 in the first year their baby is born.
  • I’ll never see my mates again Now that you have a family, your life will be changed forever. It is important that you spend time with your family, and become a close knit group.On the flip side, it is important that you also get to see your friends as well, so try and find a happy medium that both you and your partner are happy with, and don’t forget that she will also need to get some time for herself.
  • I’ll never be able to have sex with my partner after watching the delivery Don’t worry, you will still have sex with your partner. Just now you may understand the consequences a little better.
  • I’ll have to deliver the baby Well, then I think you have been watching to much TV. You will more than likely hear the first crys of your baby in the hospital, just like everyone else.
  • I’ll faint during the delivery Fortunately once labor begins, most men become far too engrossed in the delivery to even worry about fainting.
  • We won’t have a healthy baby 97 out of every 100 couples have healthy babies. You can increase your chances by living a healthy lifestyle and eating correctly.
  • I’m not ready to be a DAD ! If you didn’t worry about being a good parent, then that would be cause for concern. Once the delivery is over, you may even surprise yourself in the way your natural instincts take over.
Common Fatherhood Fears

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