Month 3

Baby Development: 3 Months Old

Your baby’s development during month 3 is really fantastic. Your baby will almost start to seem “human” as he/she begins to react and interact with you and your family, as well as his/her strength developing, giving baby a little more movement on his/her own.

Another nice thing about month 3 is the fact that baby may begin to sleep through at night, giving you a full nights sleep, even though he/she may be awake any time from 5am!

There is nothing better than the sound of your baby laughing as the two of you play together, and during the early stages of this month you may begin to experience this.

Baby Development Milestones Month 3 At a Glance

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  • May Sleep through the night
  • Can hold object
  • Body tone improves
  • Walking reflex disappears
  • Coordinates eye movements in a circle when watching light or an object
  • Sucks at the sight of breast
  • Recognizes breast, or bottle, and squirms in anticipation
  • Smiles easily and spontaneously
  • Begins to enjoy taking a bath
  • May laugh or chuckle

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  • Holds chest and head up for a short time when lying on stomach
  • May move arms and legs together at the same time.
  • Brings own body up compactly when picked up
  • Grasping reflexes disappear
  • May bring own hands together
  • Follows slowly moving object with eyes and head, from side to side
  • Explores own face, eyes and mouth with hand
  • Stops sucking to listen
  • Gurgles and coos in response to sounds
  • Crying decreases

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  • Leans on elbows while on stomach
  • Turns head and neck to find source of sound
  • May hold and wave toy
  • Begins to show memory
  • Reacts differently yo each parents presence

Week 12 Read Full Article

  • Holds head at 90 degree angle when on stomach
  • Facial expressions increase
  • vocalization increases
  • Distinguishes speech from other sounds
  • Begins to recognize and to differentiate among family members.
Month 3