pregnancy stages

Pregnancy Stages: The Trimesters

Each pregnancy stage, also know as a trimester, hold unique and different growth, developments, emotions and feelings. Now you can discover what each trimester holds in store for both you and your developing baby.

Before we go into each stage lets take a look at how your pregnancy is broken up into three trimesters. Your pregnancy runs over a 40 week calendar and is broken up into three trimesters

Pregnancy Stages - By Trimester & Week

Each pregnancy stage has something unique to offer and each trimester will probably have a completely different effect on you as any of the other two - but no matter how different they all are they are all just as important.

  • The first trimester takes the first 13 weeks of your pregnancy
  • The second trimester takes up weeks 14 - 26
  • The third trimester which runs from week 27 through to 40 weeks.

Pregnancy Calendar - Week by Week

Don't forget that our pregnancy calendar gives you a detailed breakdown of what you can expect from your pregnancy in a week by week format. Each week covers topics such as: your baby's growth and development, nutrition tips, common symptoms you can expect and much more.

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