When do pregnancy symptoms start?

When do the Pregnancy symptoms begin?

The question when do pregnancy symptoms start is somewhat of a debate. The truth is every woman is different and every pregnancy is even more different. But most women want to know if what they are feeling is related to carrying a baby or a symptom of something else. Some women feel symptoms of pregnancy only a week after conception but the general statistic is by four weeks you should be feeling some side effects of the changes occurring in your body. So if you are under four weeks along, most of the differences in the way you’re feeling are most likely not a direct result of pregnancy.

One of the earliest signs if not the first of pregnancy is fatigue. You may think you are coming down with a cold or that you are just over extending yourself at work or home. Around week two you may start to feel bloated and even experience cramping. Sometimes women assume that this is their upcoming period so they don’t attribute this to being pregnant.

Week 3 is the average time that a woman purchases a pregnancy test simply because she has missed her period. Around this time nausea is a very common symptom of pregnancy AKA morning sickness. Although, not all women actually throw up. While you’re in the bathroom because you’re feeling queasy, you may notice your visiting there a lot more often because you have to urinate more frequently. Another fun fact, your sense of smell can become sensitive and you could be having aversions to certain foods, even foods you once loved. Dizziness is also common early on in pregnancy because of the increase in blood supply and change in hormones.

Believe it or not, not all pregnancy symptoms are bad. You may be lucky and notice your skin clearing up or your hair becoming healthier. Pregnancy glow hits some earlier than others. If this is the case with you be thankful. Remember not all pregnancies are the same you may have some, all, or none of the above symptoms. If you have any health concerns be sure to consult your physician.

When do pregnancy symptoms start?