Fatherhood Juggle

Trying to juggle work, being and new father and family life can be a real handful and can often cause stress and strain for you and on your professional and family life. Here are a few pointers on juggling work and home life to maintain a good and healthy balance between the two.
Make your decision
You need to make decisions as to what is more important for you: your family or getting a promotion. Try approaching your boss and discuss with him the problem you are having. Try and see if you can come to a solution with him/her.
Manage your time
If you job offers flexi hours, make sure that you are making full use of this. If you don’t have a job that offers you flexible hours, then you need to manage your hours a little more carefully. You can use the time you commute on the train to catch up on paper work, or even try doing some of your paperwork once your kids have gone off to bed.
Share responsibilities
In today’s economic situation, few house holds can manage to get by with just one salary. If you both work then you should try and share the responsibility of caring for your newborn. Whether it means taking turns in feeding, bathing and changing diapers, or calling in sick when your baby has a nasty bug.
Get some help
If you can afford it then you should try and get someone to help you with your baby, even if it means asking your mother in law. Having someone help around the house to do the laundry will free up time for you to attend to your little one.
Fatherhood Juggle

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