Month 1

1 Month Baby Development
Welcome to the Month by Month baby development section! All the information given throughout this section of our website is based on a full term baby, weighing 7 pounds and measuring 20 inches at birth, which is what the average is. Should your baby be small, growth may be less in a given week, and so the same holds true for a larger baby, where the growth may be more. Should your baby be born premature, then the growth and weight gain may be delayed, but they do usually catch up. Each month is broken up to the 4 weeks of which they comprise as there is just simply too much information to place in one page. These articles can always be found below the Monthly developmental milestones.
Baby Development Milestones Month 1 At a Glance
Week 1 Read Full Article
  • Responds to sudden changes with entire body
  • Moves head from side to side and lift head
  • Head flops backwards and forwards
  • Blinks at bright lights
  • Focus on objects 8-10 inches away
  • Hands remain fisted most of the time
  • will grasp and grip an object if hand touches it
Week 2 Read Full Article
  • Arm and leg movement still reflexive
  • Startles spontaneously
  • Hands usually still fisted or slightly open
  • Stares at objects 8-18 inches away
  • Is soothed easily by female voice
  • Alert about 1 in every 10 hours
  • cries for assistance
  • stares at faces
Week 3 Read Full Article
  • Thrusts arms and legs in play
  • Can lift head briefly
  • Coordinates eyes sideways when looking at light or an object
  • Has vague and impassive expression during waking hours
  • Makes eye contact
  • Adjusts body posture to person holding him/her
Week 4 Read Full Article
  • Rolls partway to side from back
  • When pulled to sitting position, may hold head in line with back
  • Can grasp objects when fingers are pried open
  • May make “ah” sound when sees parents
  • May clutch a person holding him
  • May make throaty sounds
Month 1

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