4th Week At Home

Your Fourth Week Home With Baby Post Pregnancy
What you may feel
  • Your muscles should be feeling much better by now.
  • You should be regaining control of your bladder
  • Your baby should be settled into a routine by this stage
  • You may have your first menstrual period at any time now.
  • Blood in your urine, or dark and cloudy urine could be signs of a urinary infection.
  • You may want to start doing some light exercise now, such as walking.
What you should do
  • Check on your post partum appointment.
  • A night out with your partner may be a good idea, so get the grandparents involved.
  • You may be returning to work soon, so spend as much time with your new born.
  • Although your muscles may be feeling better, it may still be easy to pull or strain a muscle, so be careful.
  • Keep making note of any questions that you may have for your post partum checkup.
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  • Your baby development milestones
  • Advice and tips on feeding baby
  • A Guide to Caring for your baby
  • Health issues which your baby may experience
  • And much much more.
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4th Week At Home

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