3rd Week At Home

Your Third Week Home With Baby Post Pregnancy
What you may feel
  • Your bottom will be feeling much better now as your swelling should be decreasing nicely. You may still feel sore if you sit for long periods of time.
  • Swelling in your hands should also be decreasing now. You may be able to wear your rings by now.
  • Your baby will not have established what the difference is between night and day, so your sleeping patterns will be out of sinc.
  • You may find that preparing to go anywhere require major planning, as it is not longer a case of just getting in your car and going. You now have to pack what you will need for your baby.
  • Keep watching for any red streaks in your breasts.
What you should do
  • Sleep when your baby sleeps, to try and compensate for your disrupted sleeping pattern.
  • Your skin on your abdomen will still looked stretched. Use some creams to try and speed up the process of your skin returning to it’s state it was in prior to falling pregnant.
  • You will probably have your baby’s first check up during the course of this week.
  • Take plenty of pictures and videos of your baby. You will be amazed at how quickly they change.
  • Keep your family or partner involved.
  • By now you would have probably already changed over 200 diapers, so you will be an expert by now.
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3rd Week At Home

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