2nd Week At Home

Your Second Week Home With Baby Post Pregnancy
What you may feel
  • Your breast will still be sensitive and hurt, even if you are not breast feeding.
  • Hemorrhoids will still be painful, but they are starting to get better.
  • Your legs and feet will start returning to normal size as water retention starts to diminish
  • You may be starting to get better at feeding your baby, and he/she may already be starting to get into a more manageable routine.
  • You may not have fully gained control of your bladder fully.
  • You will probably be feeling tired still.
  • A foul odor or yellow vaginal discharge may indicate a problem, so if you should show any of these signs, call our doctor
What you should do
  • By now you should almost be able to see your feet, so look at them!
  • Write down any questions that may have for your baby’s first with your doctor.
  • Enjoy your time with your new son or daughter.
Our Baby’s First year section gives a detailed breakdown of your baby’s development, week by week. It covers useful and informative information such as:
  • Your baby development milestones
  • Advice and tips on feeding baby
  • A Guide to Caring for your baby
  • Health issues which your baby may experience
  • And much much more.
  • Be Sure To Read Our Section On Baby’s First Year!
2nd Week At Home

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