Month 2

Baby Development: 2 Month Old
By the second month, both you and your baby should really be getting into the swing of things. Your baby is now more alert and spending more time awake during the day. You should be in a routine that suits both you and your baby. He/She will also be far more interactive then the first few weeks. You can now pay different games to help him/her develop and help your bond get stronger and stronger with each passing day.
Baby Development Milestones Month 2 At a Glance
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  • Actions become more voluntary and reflexes begin to disappear
  • May bat at objects
  • More easily calmed by female voice
  • Memory for objects continues to grow in length
  • Can quite self by sucking fingers or pacifier
  • Prefers to watch a person than an objects
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  • Can hold head up at 45 degree angle for a few seconds while lying on stomach
  • Muscle tone improves
  • Stares vaguely at surroundings
  • Studies movement of own hands
  • May become excited in anticipation of objects
  • May smile when you smile
  • Stays awake for longer if interacting with someone
Week 7 Read Full Article
  • Stays awake for longer periods
  • Visually tracks from outer corner of eye past midline of body
  • Is interested in sounds
  • May glance at hand
  • Responds with excitement to persons presence
Week 8 Read Full Article
  • Head remains fairly erect when in sitting position, but still wobbly
  • Cycles arms and legs smoothly
  • Can discriminate among voices, people, tastes and object sizes
  • Picks out mothers voice from a group of people
  • repeats actions for own sake
  • Watches person alertly and directly
Month 2

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