How Soon After Conception Do You Experience Pregnancy Symptoms

How Soon After Conception? – Pregnancy Symptoms

There’s a possibility that you might be pregnant, or maybe you’ve been trying to conceive, and you want to know for sure. The best way to truly know if you are pregnant is to take a pregnancy test, or by visiting your doctor. But there are symptoms that occur soon after conception that may indicate you are pregnant.

How soon you can expect to see these symptoms? Generally, for most women, the more common pregnancy symptoms occur within the first two weeks. But every woman is different, and some women have been known to experience pregnancy symptoms almost immediately.

The First Five Days

Can you experience pregnancy symptoms in the first five days after conception? Yes, but it’s not a common occurrence, and many women don’t experience any symptoms that early.

In the first five days after conception, some women may notice spotting, or light bleeding. There may also be some cramping. This is because the fertilized egg has attached itself the uterine wall.

Another early symptom that can occur within the first five days is vaginal discharge, usually milky in color. Almost immediately after you conceive, the walls of the vagina start to thicken, preparing your womb for the baby. The increased cell growth causes the milky discharge.

Tender breasts, or sore nipples, are also a pregnancy symptom that some women experience right away. Because your hormone

levels change so rapidly after conception, your breasts start to change immediately.
Your breasts, which are getting ready to produce milk, may start to feel or look fuller or heavier, and there could be some noticeable tenderness. Your areolas (the pigmented area around the nipple) might even get darker, as well.

The First Two Weeks

not all women experience pregnancy symptoms in the first five days after conception, a majority experience at least one symptom in the first two weeks.

The most noticeable and common symptom to occur in the first two weeks is a late or missed period. If your period is late, you could be pregnant—but a missed or late period is not always an indication of pregnancy.

Not all pregnant women experience a missed period, however. You may experience spotting, or light bleeding, which can be mistaken for a regular period. You might even experience a normal period in the first trimester.
Nausea, sometimes called morning sickness, is another pregnancy symptom that can occur within the first two weeks after conception. Despite that it is called “morning sickness,” it doesn’t always occur in the morning. It can happen any time throughout the day.

Because your hormone levels change once you become pregnant, the way you digest food and the emptying of your stomach can slow down immensely. This causes the nausea. Nausea generally goes away during the second trimester, but you may experience it throughout your entire pregnancy, or not at all.
Another pregnancy symptom that occurs soon after conception is fatigue. You may experience sudden fatigue as early as three days after conception. Feeling fatigued during your pregnancy is a common occurrence—rapidly changing hormones and high levels of progesterone greatly attribute to this, affecting your energy levels.

The First Month

All of the symptoms above can occur as soon as a few days after conception. You might experience some of them, all of them, or none at all. If you suspect you’re pregnant but you haven’t experienced any of these symptoms yet, don’t worry—most women don’t experience them right away.

It’s common to only experience one or two symptoms in the first month. There’s even the possibility that you won’t have any pregnancy symptoms, and that’s perfectly okay. Just be sure to see your health care physician as soon as you suspect you’re pregnant, so you and your baby can get the care you need.

Note: This article is not intended to be medical advice. You should always talk with your health care physician about any medical symptoms you experience.

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