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Week 4 Pregnancy Ultrasound


The fourth week of pregnancy is when the first visible changes occur. During week 4, the embryonic disc takes on a more cylindrical shape and the neural tube, the precursor to the central nervous system develops. This neural tube is simply a tube that lays the foundation for the entire …

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Pregnancy Week 3


Week three is where the real fun begins. This is the first week where pregnancy symptoms could be experienced. Women that don’t experience symptoms at three weeks shouldn’t be alarmed, everybody is different and women react to hormone changes differently.   The Signs of Pregnancy This is the week that …

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Pregnancy Week 2


The second week of pregnancy picks up where the first week left off. Implantation is completed in the second week of development. Implantation is crucial for a successful pregnancy because if the fetus can’t implant, it will not continue to be viable.   Potential Health Risks Like the first week, …

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