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8 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

What to Expect? Week 8 marks the two month period of pregnancy. Most expectant parents are excited about the news of the pregnancy and are anxiously awaiting the time that they can find out the gender of the baby. Mothers should, at this point, have already found a doctor that …

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Week 7 Pregnancy Ultrasound

The mother’s body is changing and the baby is growing. During this week, both the uterus and the baby have almost doubled in size from the previous week. At 7 weeks, the embryo is approximately the size of a tiny blueberry. Week 7 is a week that many developmental stages …

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Week 6 Pregnancy Ultrasound

By the sixth week, most expectant mothers know that they are expecting. They are slowly getting used to the idea that in a few more months they will have someone there that depends on them for their every need. What to Expect From the Six Week Ultrasound? This week the …

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