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Week 14 Pregnancy Ultrasound

14 weeks pregnant ultrasound

What to Expect This Visit? Your 14th  week ultrasound will show the developing bones of the skeleton. The bones appear as a bright white on ultrasounds and become more noticeable as the skeleton hardens. This is the first week that the bones are visible to expectant parents. The fetus is …

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Week 13 Pregnancy Ultrasound


What to Expect at This Appointment? Congratulations moms, you have made it to the second trimester. The second trimester is when the rate of miscarriage significantly decreases and many mothers feel comfortable letting others know that they are expecting. Many expectant mothers are asked to consider a screening process that …

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Week 12 Pregnancy Ultrasound


What to Expect at This Ultrasound Appointment? This week the doctor will take a look at the baby to determine if any physical abnormalities are present. At 12 weeks, the basic structures of the human body have developed, which allows the doctor to determine through the ultrasound physical abnormalities. Week …

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