Symptoms Of A Twin Pregnancy

Pregnancy Symptoms Which May Indicate Twins
How do you know that you are having twins before you see a scan with two hearts? Surely there must be a way to tell? Because each pregnancy is different it is near impossible to tell by the early pregnancy symptoms which you experience that may indicate that you are having twins – but there are some common symptoms which most women who are pregnant with twins experience on a regular basis. Remember, that this is not an exact science, and this is purely an indication as to why you may be experiencing what you are…. it’s not the answer by itself.
Signs You May Be Pregnant with Twins
  • You just feel you’re carrying more than one baby. Don’t disregard intuition or dreams. Some mothers of twins often say that they “just knew it” right from the start that they were carrying more than one baby.
  • Most women who are carrying twins say that they experienced more extreme morning sickness than in previous single pregnancies.
  • If you are in fact having twins then you will more than likely have higher hCG pregnancy hormone levels – and this usually means longer or stronger bouts of morning sickness. If fact some women report having “all day” morning sickness!
  • As with the morning sickness, other more common pregnancy symptoms may be exaggerated. Most women who are pregnant with twins have more intense pregnancy symptoms and this is usually because of the additional hormones and other changes they would be experiencing if they had two babies developing inside them. You may find that your breasts are very tender almost hyper sensitive, or you may find that you have to urinate frequently, more frequently than other women who are as far along as you are.
  • Of course if you are carrying twins then your weight gain during your pregnancy will be much faster. On average there is a higher weight gain during the first trimester vs. non twin pregnancies. What is important is that your weight gain is not caused by bad nutrition during pregnancy.
  • Of course the dead giveaway that you are carrying twins would be at your first prenatal exam, where your doctor may measure your uterus and it would be bigger than what your LMP dates would indicate.
  • Another dead giveaway would be the presence of two heart beats! From around week 12 your healthcare provider would be able to hear the two separate heart beats with the aid of a Doppler.
  • And finally – the most convincing evidence that you are pregnant with twins – an ultrasound that shows two babies! Also worth reading is our article on 11 things you didnt know about twin/multiple pregnancies.
Symptoms Of A Twin Pregnancy

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