Replacement Snacks

Healthy Replacement Snacks During Pregnancy
If you are eating a well balanced healthy diet while pregnant – then it would be fine to give into the odd craving. However, if you find that you are consistently craving a certain “treat” then you may want to replace that particular food with a healthier alternative.
Salty Snacks
If you are craving salty snacks, such as crisps, then why not try snacking on the healthier alternative such as:
  • Wholegrain crackers
  • Vegetable chips
  • Pretzels
  • Nuts
Sweet Snacks It is not uncommon for pregnant women to crave sweet foods and snacks – especially chocolates and sweets. If you find yourself craving such items while pregnant, why not try:
  • Fruit
  • Frozen Yogurt
  • Fruit or Berry Smoothies
  • Dried Fruit
Backed Snacks Cookies and cakes are also very common cravings while pregnant, and can easily be replaced with:
  • High fibre crackers
  • Low fat cheese
  • Plain biscuits
  • mild salsa or hummus
No-Go Items
There will be items which you would have been able to happily eat before you fell pregnant, which are now considered no-go items. Sushi and Brie would be very common items which are definitely considered no go. You can replace these items with the cooked or safer equivalent such as cooked fish or Cheddar. If you are going to eat fish while pregnant, make sure you read our article on eating fish while pregnant.
Replacement Snacks

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