New vs Old Eating For Two

Eating For Two
As medicine and technology has improved over time, there have been some changes to some of the “rules” which guide you towards having a healthy pregnancy.

Old Rule: Remember, you are eating for two
New Rule: Dont make yourself eat extra – its quality and not quantity

You don’t want to be stuffing food into your mouth just because you are pregnant – having two hamburgers is not eating for two, and dieting while pregnant is not the solution either.

You will gain weight while you are pregnant, but gaining healthy weight is very important to both you are your developing baby.

Unhealthy weight gain will lead on to other complications – both during and post pregnancy, and some of these include:

By eating correctly you will also ensure that you will get to your post pregnancy body back and have less chance of prolonging issues from being over weight.

So, to ensure that you are giving you and your baby the best chance of having a healthy pregnancy and start to life, be sure to include the following each day:

  • Two or three servings of protein – meat, eggs, fish etc
  • Iron rich foods – meat, lentils, spinach or dried apricots
  • Glass of orange juice
  • Four servings of Fruit and five servings of vegetables
  • Starchy carbs – potatoes, bread, pasta
  • Three servings of calcium rich foods, such as milk, yogurt, cheese, broccoli etc
New vs Old Eating For Two