Natural Childbirth

What Is Natural Childbirth, And Is It For You?

As your pregnancy progresses to the third trimester of your pregnancy, you should start looking at what childbirth options are available to you and how you would like to deliver your baby. There are a number of benefits in choosing your childbirth method early. For one, you and your partner may want to enroll in a class, and deciding on a childbirth option early on in your pregnancy will allow you to get into a class early enough for you and partner to go through the class in a relaxed manner without the feeling that you may actually give birth at one of your classes beacuse you have left it so late.

Natural Childbirth

The description and views of natural childbirth may vary from one person to another, some say natural childbirth is a birth without the aid of drugs, and others say it is birth with the aid of mild painkillers, but one thing they do agree on is that natural childbirth is a birth that involves as few artificial procedures as possible and where the baby is delivered vaginaly. Most women who choose natural childbirth as their option to deliver there baby, require some sort of training beforehand. There are three methods of natural childbirth preparation, and they are : Lamaze, Bradley and Grantly Dick-Read. Lets take a look at each is turn:
  • Lamaze : This technique is the oldest of the three childbirth preparations. Lamaze will condition mothers to replace unproductive laboring efforts with fruitful ones. It emphasizes relaxation and breathing as ways to relax during labor and delivery.
  • Bradley : Teaches the Bradley method of relaxing and inward focus, where many different types of relaxation are used. Strong emphasis is placed on relaxation and abdominal breathing to make labor more comfortable.
  • Grantly Dick-Read : is a method that attempts to break the fear-tension-pain cycle of labor and delivery. These were also the first classes to include fathers in the birth experience.

Is natural childbirth for you?

Natural Childbirth isn’t for everyone, as it can be an extremely painful method of deliver. Natural childbirth labor is unfortunately never pain free without the use of drugs. Labor is also unpredictable, so it is advisable to keep an open mind, as you may never know just how painful your contractions are going to be until you are having them. After all the goal of childbirth is to deliver a healthy baby.
Natural Childbirth

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