Need A C-Section?

Is There A Possibilty That You May Need A Cesarean Section?
Most women don’t plan on having a Cesarean Section but it is not always their choice when there may be problems in the actual delivery of your baby or if he/she is in a breech position.
What is a Cesarean Section?
When your baby is born through a cesarean section, the baby is delivered through an incision in your abdominal wall and uterus.
Reasons for a Cesarean Section
The most common reason is having had a previous c-section although it is possible to have a normal vaginal birth after having a previous c-section (VBAC). You may need a cesarean section if your baby is too big to fit through the birth canal. Fetal distress may lead you to having a cesarean section. Should the umbilical cord be compressed your baby may need to be born via a cesarean section. Should your baby be in a breech position you would almost certainly need to have a c-section. Should you suffer from placenta previa or placenta abruption, your baby will need to be delivered through c-section.
Advantages and disadvantages of Cesarean Section
The most important advantage of having a C-section is that should there be any complications during the birth your baby will be delivered fairly promptly and will avoid any complications arrising in your newborn. The disadvantage of having a c-section is that it is just like any other surgery and carries the same risks as any other surgery, such as infection, blood loss and injury to other organs. Must Read : Surviving A Cesarean Section
Need A C-Section?

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