Breech Birth

A breech birth is when your baby is presenting with his/her legs flexed at the hips and extended at the knees, or when one or both knees are flexed and not extended. What can cause your baby to be breech?
  • You have had more than one pregnancy
  • You are carrying multiples (Twins or Triplets)
  • To much or too little amniotic fluid
  • Abnormal uterus shape
  • Suffering from placenta previa
  • Your baby has hydrocephalus (an abnormally large amount of fluid in the skull)
Delivering a breech baby
Most doctors nowadays believe that the safest way to deliver a breech baby is by means of a cesarean section in early labor or even before labor begins. There are some doctors who believe that a woman can give birth vaginally if the situation is right, but in most cases this requires the baby to be in a frank breech, with his/her legs are flexed at the hips and extended at the knees and in a women who has had normal deliveries in the past.
Turning your breech baby
Attempts may be made to turn your breech baby from a breech position into a normal head down position. This would need to be done before your waters break, or at least in early labor. This requires the doctor to manually turn the baby into a head down position with his hands. There are however risks involved in trying to do this:
Breech Birth

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