Month 6

Baby Development: 6 Months Old

Month 6 sees a great deal happening both physically and emotional as your baby continues to show a range of different emotions and physical growth milestones.

Baby Development: 6 Month Old

Month 5 development sees a great deal of progress in the senses and reflexes as wellas the social and mental departments, with baby’s strength increasing as each day passes by.

Baby Development Milestones Month 5 At a Glance

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  • Alert at least half of his/her waking hours
  • Can grasp large ring
  • Looks around in new situations
  • Holds one block, looks at second and drops first to take second
  • Will protest and resist someone who tries to take toy away

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  • When lying on back, he/she may move by kicking against a flat surface
  • Turns and twists in all directions
  • Sits supported for up to 30 mins
  • Can discriminate self from others in a mirror
  • Leans over to look at fallen object
  • can recognize object from only seeing part of it
  • Interests in breastfeeding lags
  • Vocalizes pleasure and displeasure
  • Smiles at self in the mirror
  • May prefer a partcular toy

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  • Sits with little support
  • May slump forward on hands for balance
  • Reaches with one arm
  • May bend him/herslef into sitting position when rolling from back to side
  • Turns head freely
  • Will gauze at object for long time
  • can utter additional consonant sounds
  • Giggle and laughs
  • Coos, hums and stops crying when hears music

Week 24 Read Full Article

  • While lying on back, grabs and holds foot in play
  • May manipulate objects
  • Shows different emotions
  • May have abrupt mood changes
  • Coos and gurgles with pleasure
  • Turns when own name is heard
Month 6