Month 4

Baby Development: 4 Months Old

The fourth month of babys life sees many physical and emotional developments take place as baby starts to get stronger, and more aware of his/her surroundings. Your baby will begin to show real excitment as a result of different situations and activities.

Baby Development Milestones Month 4 At a Glance

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  • Able to sit with support
  • May bat at object with closed fist
  • Waits for expected reward, such as feeding
  • Tries to attract attention when parent or sibling is nearby
  • May be attentive for up to 45 minutes

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  • Can focus eyes at different distances
  • holds head steady and errect for short periods
  • Clasps fingers and hands in play
  • Smiles and vocalizes more to an actual face than to an image
  • Attempts to sooth self
  • May prefer a particular toy
  • Can be quitened by music

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  • Can turn head in all directions
  • Splashes and plays in bath
  • Has memory span of up to 7 seconds
  • Interested in mirror image, may smile at it
  • Adjusts responses to different people

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  • May roll over from back to stomach or stomach to back
  • Sits with assistance and support
  • Pulls dangling object toward himself and brings it to mouth
  • Stares at the place where object dropped
  • Displays interest in smells
  • Initiates several tonal sounds
  • Begins to recognize and differentiate between family members.
Month 4