As your pregnancy develops your body is going to be flooded with additional hormones which your body simply is not used to having. Now, is it possible that this influx of hormones may affect the dreams that you are having? Well, it is quite possible that is will in fact have an affect on the dreams which you are having, but there are of course other factors which will also have an affect, such as:
  • The body’s physical changes
  • The change of lifestyle which you are about to have
  • Your emotional changes
  • Any stress and anxiety which you may be feeling
Well, now is possibly the best time to take advantage of the dreams which you are having. Try and pay attention to your dreams and make your interpretation from them. For example, you may be dreaming about your impending motherhood. What is important is how you may be feeling in the dream; are you embracing it openly, do you feel happy and content or are you scared and full of fear? Take advantage of your dreaming by interpreting the theme your dream brings up at each time. There are a few common dream themes for pregnant women and some of these include:
  • Motherhood, as mentioned
  • Childbirth
  • Relationships
  • Careers
This is an ideal time to be paying attention to your dreams, as it will give you the opportunity to talk about any concerns which you may have with your partner, friends and family before it is too late. Paying attention to your dreams may even bring about a solution to a problem which you may have been contemplating, or it may give you an awesome idea to something which you thinking about. It is also not uncommon to dream dreams that are a little shocking or unpleasant. Over 80% of dreams are generally about a fear or anxiety which you are worrying about, and in most cases we are generally able to realize that our fears are not as bad as we originally thought. In other cases we are able to find a solution to the problem as well!

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