Baby Week15

Your Baby Development: 15 Weeks Old
How big is your baby? This week your baby will be weighing around 13 pounds and measuring 24 inches if he/she was of average size at birth. Your baby is constantly learning something new. When he/she is excited about something, he/she may jerk her arms and legs crazily to demonstrate his/her joy. He/She is not in total, so the actions will seem jerky and spastic. You may notice baby hold his/her legs, flex his/her feet and make bicycling, and splashing about in the bath tub. All these practices help him/her to develop the strength he/she will need in the coming months. A big accomplishment at this stage is your baby’s ability to roll over, or even just partially over. If baby is not rolling over completely yet, then he/she will master this in the next few weeks, usually in one direction. Your baby will enjoy being rocked and bounced. Receptors in the brain make this activity pleasurable. Whirl him/her securely in your arms
Baby Development Milestones This Week
Physical Development
  • Turns head in all directions
  • Splashes and plays in bath
  • Has memory span of up to 7 seconds
Mental & Social Development
  • Interested in mirror image, may smile at it
  • Adjusts responses to different people.
Baby Checkups Below is a list of questions you should keep in mind for when you visit your doctor for the baby checkup:
  • Ask your doctor to describe the procedures he or she performs on your baby.
  • If tests are performed, ask about the results. When will they be available, do you need to come in to collect them etc.
  • Ask questions about non medical issues, such as emotional development, discipline, learning and socialization for your baby
  • Request any printed material which may be useful, or pamphlets and hand outs
  • Ask your pediatrician if he she has any recommended reading.
Baby Care Baby and Vitamin B Does your baby need vitamin B? Years ago parents were advised to put baby outside in the sunshine because baby would get vitamin B from the suns ultraviolet rays. Today we advise you to protect your baby from the harmful rays of the sun. You don’t need to worry about giving your baby vitamin B as he/she gets enough from other sources, such as breast milk or enriched formula. Giving Baby Medication Be very careful when giving your baby any type of medication. Medicine must be the correct type and given exactly as prescribed. The following guidelines will help you:
  • When you give your baby liquid medication, use a measuring spoon, a plastic medicine spoon or an oral syringe.
  • Be sure that the measurement on the device you use is the same unit as the measurement needed.
  • Give baby the correct amount of medicine, don’t confuse a T, or tbsp for tablespoon with a t, or tsp for table spoon.
  • Store medication out of reach of children
  • Don’t store medicine in a bathroom, as steam and moisture can effect the potency of the medication
  • Don’t convert dosage. If it requires 2 tablespoons, then don’t try and convert to ounces.
  • Don’t keep any old medications
  • Don’t give medication to anyone other than the person it was prescribed for.
Toys and Play It is very tempting to buy your baby all sorts of toys and gadgets. Choose age appropriate toys. Don’t buy toys with small detachable parts, long strips and sharp edges. A surprise tickle game is lots of fun. Babies usually love “here comes the bumble bee”. Lift one hand high above baby, and while slowly spiraling your hand downward towards baby sing: Here comes the bumblebee, the bumblebee, the bumblebee Here comes the bumblebee, and he’s going to get (baby’s Name) When you sing baby’s name, tickle him/her under the ribs or tummy. Quick Tips For This Week
Babies love to look at faces, especially other babies. Don’t be surprised if your baby stares at another baby and then reaches out to push and poke him/her.
Baby Week15

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