Healthy Junk Food Fixes

Many women crave particular foods throughout their pregnancy, and while few have been known to crave broccoli, bananas, or oatmeal, most have visions of ice cream and chocolate – sometimes all at the same time! If your urge for sugar and fat is just too powerful to resist, go ahead and indulge — but just occasionally. Remember to think of your growing baby and all the nutrients that he/she needs to grow and develop into the healthy baby you want.
Four Ways To Control Your Food Cravings
Eat breakfast every day You’ll be less susceptible to mid-morning snack attacks. A winning combination: A glass of calcium-fortified orange juice, yogurt and fresh fruit, and a whole-wheat bagel or toast with jam. Exercise regularly Working out is an excellent way to curb hunger. Get the emotional support you need The hormonal roller-coaster of pregnancy can make you more vulnerable to mood swings. You may turn to food when what you really need is someone to talk to, says Elizabeth Somer, author of Nutrition for a Healthy Pregnancy. Train yourself to think small Try a few spoonfuls of ice cream rather than a whole bowl or one square of chocolate instead of the entire bar.
Healthy Substitutes For Food Cravings
Instead of This… …Try This
Ice cream Nonfat frozen yogurt, sorbet, or sherbet
Can of cola Mineral water with fruit juice or a squeeze of lime
Doughnut or sweetened pastry Whole-grain bagel with jam
Slice of cake Low-fat banana-nut or zucchini bread. If you must have cake, try angel food topped with fresh strawberries.
Sugar cereals Whole-grain cereal or oatmeal topped with brown sugar
Potato chips Low-fat chips, microwave popcorn, pretzels
Sour cream Nonfat sour cream, nonfat plain yogurt
Sundae toppings Fresh berries or sliced bananas. If you crave crunch, throw on some crispy rice cereal.
Canned fruits in sugar syrup Fresh fruit, unsweetened frozen fruit
Chocolate Fat-free hot cocoa made with nonfat milk. Or make some trail mix with raisins, dried fruits, nuts, and just a small handful of chocolate chips
Cookies Graham crackers. Add a little peanut butter for pizzazz.
Cheesecake or other creamy dessert Small slices of cheese on whole wheat crackers, low-fat rice or vanilla pudding
Healthy Junk Food Fixes

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