Surviving Bedrest – Part 2

Bedrest Survival Tips And Ideas
Before the boredom kills you and you go completely out of your mind from any extended stint on bedrest, there are many little handy tips which we have put together for you to help you survive.
  • Plan your bedrest schedule I know that this sounds a little strange, but even if you are going to be staying in bed all day, follow a schedule. After you wake up, change into comfortable clothes and plan what to do for the day.
  • Catch up while you can When your baby arrives you are not going to have any time for yourself, so now is the time to catch up on all the things you are not going to have time for. If you have a favorite book you have been dying to start reading, then do it now, if you don’t, then once baby is born you may as well throw that book in the bin.
  • Stock up Even while you are on bedrest you can do all sorts of things; you could make use of the internet or telephone to stock up on baby nursery equipment and baby supplies. Nowadays you can even shop for your groceries online and have them delivered to your door step! If you are going to be ordering baby supplies you should look to order items for the first 3 months of babies life.
  • Great little time passers If all those tips haven’t kept you busy and out of trouble, then you can try these for passing all those dull times:
    • choose a doctor for your child, find quality child care or write up a birth plan (if you haven’t already done so)
    • start a journal chronicling your pregnancy – and your bedrest
    • start a family tree that you can share with your child someday
    • firm up your baby-name choices; use books and websites for ideas
    • organize photo albums
    • read anything – newspapers, magazines, classic novels, the latest bestsellers, compilations of fiction or poetry; you could even revisit some of your favorite childhood stories or try out some books from the library for your little one
    • watch rented videos/DVDs or taped TV shows
    • answer letters or correspondences
    • write thank-you cards if you’ve already had a baby shower; if not, start addressing the envelopes to people (friends and family) whom you know will probably give gifts
    • build an email and phone list of people to call when the baby arrives
    • start a calendar of important dates to remember (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.)
    • contact your job about your maternity-leave benefits
    • fill out health insurance paperwork for your baby in advance
    • designate a guardian for your child and have your lawyer draft a new will
Staying healthy on bedrest
  • Drink 8-10 cups, or more, of fluids every day. Staying well hydrated helps reduce risk of preterm labor and can keep you from becoming constipated. You should be urinating frequently and your urine should be pale or colorless if you are well hydrated.
  • Eat 6-8 small meals per day. Eating smaller amounts more often can help you feel better when you are restricted to bedrest. When your activity is limited your stomach may not empty as well and heartburn symptoms can be more severe if you eat too much at one time.
  • Eat foods rich in fiber. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, lentils and bran cereals can help prevent constipation.
  • Take any prescribed medication or vitamin/mineral supplements.
Keep all your prenatal care appointments. If bedrest has been prescribed, you have a higher risk pregnancy. This means it is even more important that you don’t miss any of your scheduled checkups or appointments for fetal monitoring or testing.
Surviving Bedrest – Part 2

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