Surprises For The New Father

It always seems to amaze me that fathers only really get hit with the fact that they are “fathers” after your pregnancy has come to an end, with the joyous occasion of childbirth. It seems that this is because fathers generally do not play as active a role as mothers do in the pregnancy stage. After all, it is the women who carry the baby for nine months while it develops and grows. Either way, fathers soon come around to the fact that their lives are now forever changed, and some changes can be a very big surprise for even the most manly of men.
The emotions that new parents feel, especially fathers, can be very confusing. There is pride and power at having created a new life. There is almost always frustration, helplessness and a sense of inadequacy at not being able to always help your new bundle of joy, or even understand your baby’s needs for the first few months.
Discovery of a new kind of Love
There is nothing that will ever compare to the love that you will find for your child. You will find yourself always wanting to protect your child from everything that could possible harm them, in a way that you have never felt before for most other people in your life.
It is not only the mother that can suffer from post partum depression. New fathers can suffer from the same symptoms just as easily. However, a father’s depression isn’t brought on by the hormonal changes women have. Fathers are treated with a bit more respect when they first have a new born baby, and tend to receive a little more attention when they become new dads. After a few weeks the excitement dies down, and they return to the same old routine, which can bring about a dose of depression.
All of a sudden, you start having thoughts that you will not be able to live up to the expectations that you have set upon yourself. Becoming a father is a very big step, and no matter what you may think, your life will be changed for ever. You are now responsible for another person’s life – totally. You will be the reason they choose their values in life, they will learn everything from you.
Changes in the way you feel about your baby are not an uncommon factor to new fathers. It’s natural, it’s not because you have lost the love you had for your baby. It’s something that you will go through for the rest of your life, while you are a father.
Surprises For The New Father

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