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Sex During Pregnancy: All You Need To Know

Sex is a good way for you and your partner to remain intimate and close during your pregnancy, but being pregnant will do some strange things to your sex drive and the act of sex itself. So let’s take a look at some of the common sex and pregnancy related questions which most people are too afraid to ask.

Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy?
Yes, in most cases there is no reason as to why you and your partner cannot continue to make love during the course of your pregnancy, unless of course your health care provider has recommended otherwise. Having an orgasm, or breast stimulation may cause your uterus to contract, but it will not cause you or your baby any harm.

If you are at high risk for preterm labor, orgasm and intercourse should be avoided until the doctor or midwife has told you it is safe

Sexual positions which may be more comfortable
As you get a bigger belly as your pregnancy progresses you may find that the positions that are comfortable for you during lovemaking will change. You may also choose to use this time to experiment a little and choose positions which you may not usually use. In general the most comfortable positions, especially as your tummy gets real big is with the women on top, or side by.

Making love is uncomfortable
It is not uncommon for you to not produce as much lubrication as normal during pregnancy, and this is largely due to the changing levels of hormones. This may cause your love making to be uncomfortable. There are solutions to this, and it could be something as simple as using a lubricant to help things along or you could try other forms of stimulation such as oral sex.

I can’t get enough sex
This is in fact quite normal during pregnancy, and there are many women whose sex drive increase in a big way during the course of their pregnancy. In fact some women report that they can achieve an orgasm with greater ease during this time.

I don’t have any interest in sex.
This is also very common. Morning sickness and fatigue, aches and pains, bloating and all the other wonderful symptoms of pregnancy may lead you to not wanting sex at all during your pregnancy

Is it safe to use a vibrator?
If your doctor has not warned you against using a vibrator or if you are at risk of preterm labor then there is no reason why you can use a vibrator. As mentioned above, it is often easier for woman to achieve an orgasm during pregnancy, and this is largely due to the increase in blood flow to the genital area.

Will sex in late pregnancy cause pre-term labor?
A recent study has shown that pregnant woman who have sex or reach orgasm during the later stages of pregnancy, weeks 26-38, have a lower chance of going into preterm labor.

Can making love bring on labor if I am overdue?
Basically, anything that facilitates the release of oxytocin will start labor if the baby is ready, and having an orgasm and intercourse are among the most common ways women try to bring on labor at home.

Will giving birth vaginally affect our sex life?
It will not have any affect on your sex life at all. What you may notice is that your vaginal muscles will be more relaxed after a vaginal birth, but this does not mean that it won’t be as pleasurable as before. In most cases this is not a permanent side affect, and the muscles may regain some of their original shape.

Do we really need to wait six weeks after the baby to make love?
There is actually no research based studies which recommend that any specific period of time pass between childbirth and when you can continue sexual intercourse. So as long as your health care provider has not given you a specific reason as to why you cannot resume sex, and you have not had a any tearing or episiotomy, and your bleeding is scant and has changed from red to pink, then it should be safe to resume after 2 weeks.

Sex Q&A