Prenatal Vitamins

Prenatal Vitamins

Should You Take Prenatal Vitamins During Pregnancy?

Many women begin taking prenatal vitamins even before they fall pregnant, while they are trying to conceive. Prenatal vitamins contain the daily amounts of vitamins and minerals that your body may require during pregnancy.

Your prenatal vitamins are very different from normal supplements or general multivitamins because of it’s folic acid and iron content. These two are the most important minerals your body and developing baby will need during your pregnancy.

Prenatal vitamins contain other essential vitamins and minerals other than just iron and folic acid which are essential for the development of your baby and your own continued good health during pregnancy.

A typical prenatal vitamin may contain the following:

Vitamin/MineralReason for Vitamin/Mineral
CalciumHelps build healthy and strong teeth and bones for you and your baby
CopperHelps to prevent anemia aswell as helps your baby’s bone formation
Folic AcidReduces the risk of neural tube defects and to help in blood cell production
IodineHelps to control your metabolism
IronPrevents anemia and helps your baby’s blood development
Vitamin AFor general health and body Metabolism
Vitamin B1For general health and body Metabolism
Vitamin B2For general health and body Metabolism
Vitamin B3For general health and body Metabolism
Vitamin B6For general health and body Metabolism
Vitamin B12Promotes blood formation
Vitamin CHelps the body to absorb iron
Vitamin DStrengthens baby’s bones and teeth and helps your body to use calcium and phosphorus
Vitamin EFor general health and body Metabolism
ZincBalances fluids in your body as well as aiding in the function of nerve and liver functions


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Prenatal Vitamins