Hospital Birth

Of course most births still take place in the hospital environment, even though there has been an increase in interest in the homebirthing option. Lets take a look at the ups and downs of hospital birth.

Pros of hospital birth

  • Knowing you are in safe hands in case of an emergency.
  • Modern and sophisticated equipment in hospitals can be life-saving for both you and your baby.
  • Modern facilities allow you to monitor baby more closely.
  • Specialists and all forms of pain relief are available.

Cons of hospital birth

  • You may feel stranger in a hospital environment and may find the whole atmosphere a bit daunting.
  • You may be unable to associate with one single doctor or midwife every time you visit the hospital.
  • Sleep does not come easily in the maternity unit.

Additional options with hospital birth

Of course now a days, there are some additional options which are avaliable to you in most hospitals, so when you are making your choice as to where you are going to have your baby, be sure to ask about additional options such as:

  • Team Midwifery
    This means that you will be able to see a member of the same midwife team with every visit to the hospital for checkups.
  • Midwife Unit
    These are specialist units based in certain hospitals and run by midwives who are responsible for your antenatal care, delivery and post-natal care. You can decide to have your baby either in these units or at home.
  • Shared Care
    Your antenatal care is shared between your doctor and the hospital, so, the actual birth takes place at the hospital and the doctor and midwife look after you post-natally.
  • GP Unit
    Similar to midwife unit, this unit is for GPs and under this scheme, if your GP specialises in obstetrics, he/she can accompany you to the hospital and deliver your baby in the GP unit.
  • Birthing Rooms
    Some hospitals have birthing room facilities. They provide a homely atmosphere with cushions, dim light and comfortable chairs etc. It combines the benefits of both home and hospital birth. Ask if your hospital has this facility.
Hospital Birth