Month 7

Baby Development: 7 Months Old

Baby Development Milestones Month 7 At a Glance

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  • Tries to move by propelling himself on stomach with legs and steering with arms
  • Rotates wrist to turn and to manipulate objects
  • Likes to play with food
  • Begins to pass object from hand to hand
  • enjoys looking at object upside down
  • May cry when parent leaves the room

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  • May be able to sit alone
  • Stands with support
  • Holds own bottle
  • May hold cup handle
  • Displays interest in feeding self with fingers
  • Has strong taste preferences
  • May compare two objects
  • May be disturbed by strangers

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  • Balances head well
  • May begin teething
  • Likes to explore own body with mouth and hands
  • May suck on toes
  • Plays vigorously with noisemaking toys
  • May chew fingers and suck thumb
  • Recognizes family members

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  • Turns over easily
  • sips from two handed cup with assistance
  • can concerntrate attention
  • Shows greater interest in details
  • Shows humor and teases
  • Pats at mirror
Month 7