Baby Week28

Your Baby Development: 28 Weeks Old
How big is your baby? This week your baby will be weighing around 16 1/2 pounds and measuring 26 3/4 inches if he/she was of average size at birth. Your baby is full of curiosity. Curiosity motivates him/her to leave your side to explore, but he/she may return often as reassurance, and each trip away may last a little longer. He/She may be desolate if you disappear when he/she is off exploring. If you are busy in different parts of the house, you should let him/her know where you are, as it will make him/her feel more secure. Baby uses his/her hands to imitate actions, such as clapping, or wiping the counter. He/She will enjoy feeding him/herself finger foods and likes to drink from a cup. He/She will also match the feeling of an object to it’s appearance when he/she examines it. He/She will also be learning how to release something voluntarily in a specific place. If you show baby his/her image in the mirror, he/she may reach out to pat at it or smile at his/her own image. He/She may pat his/her clothing while watching the image in the mirror, but he/she doesn’t yet realize that he/she is looking at an image of him/herself.
Baby Development Milestones This Week
Physical Development
  • Turns over easily
  • Sips from two handled cup with assistance
  • Can concentrate attention
Mental & Social Development
  • Shows greater interest in details
  • Shows humor and teases
  • Pats at mirror image.
Feeding Baby | Helping Baby To Learn To Eat Don’t be surprised or frustrated when baby spits out new food you offer, all babies do this at some stage or another. The foods newness causes baby to spit it out, it doesn’t taste bad, or smell bad. If baby spits out the food more than a few times, wait a while before trying again. He/She may simply need time to get used to it. Feeding Solids ~ A Suggested Schedule
Cereal Breakfast & lunch At least 2 tablespoons
Fruit Breakfast & dinner 1 to 2 tablespoons
Vegetables Lunch & dinner 1 to 2 tablespoons
Meat Lunch or dinner 1 tablespoon
Baby Care Signs baby may have vision problems
  • Pupils don’t focus
  • A white pupil
  • A fluttering eye
  • When you offer an object, he gropes for it
  • He doesn’t seem to notice you
  • He tilts his head at an unusual angle to see an object
  • One eye strains
  • Eyes move abnormally
  • Doesn’t seem aware of what is happening around him
If you notice any of these signs, you should contact your pediatrician immediately. Ear Infection Ear infections vary considerably, and are most common in infants and young children. A middle ear infection occurs inside the ear, where nerves and small bones are located, past the ear drum. An inner ear infection is the same as a middle ear infection. An outer ear infection occurs outside the ear canal, away from the eardrum Ear infections often occur with a cold or the flu. Symptoms of an outer ear and an middle ear infection are similar, except middle ear infections usually cause more pain and a high fever. Symptoms your baby may have an ear infection include:
  • Ear pain
  • Pulling or rubbing ear
  • Touching or pulling baby’s ear causes pain
  • Fever
  • Discharge or liquid coming out of the ear
  • Decrease or loss of hearing
  • Flu like symptoms
  • Increase in fussiness
  • Difficulty feeding
If you believe that your child may have an ear infection, you should contact your pediatrician as soon as possible. Toys and Play Choosing books your baby will be interested in, books with pictures of other babies, animals, a ball or doll, a blanket or crib, or baby in the bath tub are fun to read together. Choose sturdy books made of hard cardboard or plastic is always a good idea. A squeaky toy is useful to help baby find something he/she cant see, Show him/her a squeaky toy, squeeze it then hide it under a blanket or cloth. Squeeze it again, and ask him/her where the noise came from. If he/she doesn’t find the toy, help him/her find it. Keep up with the game until he finds the toy. Quick Tips For This Week
Periodically check baby’s toys for damage and loose parts. Be sure to throw away any damaged toys.
Baby Week28

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