Month 8

Baby Development: 8 Month Old
Baby Development Milestones Month 8 At a Glance
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  • May use rolling over to move around room
  • May raise a lower buttocks while lying on back to move about
  • Grasps, manipulates and bangs objects
  • Likes to say “ma, mu, da, di”
  • May associate pictur of baby with himself and make appropriate sounds
  • Wants to be included in social activity
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  • Pushes up on hands and knees, rocks back and forth
  • Holds two objects at same time, one in each hand
  • uses fingers to grasp objects
  • Understands that objects dont diapear when hidden
  • Imitates sounds and series of sounds
  • Is learning the meaning of no by tone of voice used
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  • May crawl, with tummy off floor, rather than creep
  • May bang objects together
  • transfers objects from hand to hand
  • feeds herself crackers or small peices of food
  • tastes everthing
  • Vocalizes several sounds in one breath
  • begins to learn implication of own actions
  • Resists doing something undesirable
  • Is attached to parents
  • May be wary of strangers
Week 32 Read Full Article
    • Crawls forward or backwards
    • Claps and waves hands
    • Can hold and manipulate one object while watching another
    • May say “mama” or “dada” as names
    • Enjoys games such as “so big” or “catch me”
    • Shouts for attention
    • Pats, smiles and tries to kiss mirror image
Month 8

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