Month 5

Baby Development: 5 Month Old
Month 5 development sees a great deal of progress in the senses and reflexes as wellas the social and mental departments, with baby’s strength increasing as each day passes by.
Baby Development Milestones Month 5 At a Glance
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  • May make swimming motions, resulting in movement around his crib
  • May be ready to start solid foods
  • Can distinguish between smells
  • May hold object between index and second fingers
  • Has responsive periods of 1 hour or more
  • Is interested in making new sounds
  • Laughs when playing
  • May cry if playing is disrupted
  • May interrupt feedings with play
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  • Balances head steadily in different positions
  • Brings feet to mouth
  • Grasp is steadier
  • Plays with rattle
  • Can squeal, grunt and make ‘raspberry’ sound
  • Smiles and vocalizes to gain attention and to make social contact
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  • Lifts both arms and feet while lying on stomach
  • Raises hand near object
  • Brings object to mouth
  • Utters vowel sounds and a few consonants
  • Likes toplay at meal times
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  • Aims well when reaching
  • May be able to hold bottle with both hands
  • Wants to touch hold turn shake and mouth objects
  • Deliberately imitates sounds and movements
  • Imitates facial expressons
  • Waves arms to be picked up
Month 5

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