Herbal Tea

Many women will make the effort to avoid all drugs during the course of their pregnancy, swearing off caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, prescription and over-the-counter medications. They may however, forget all about the cup of herbal tea though. Even though most herbal teas claim to be all natural health tonics, some can still be harmful, especially if you consume too much. It is not uncommon for high doses of herbal teas to cause vomiting, diarrhea and even heart palpitations. It is important that you realize that herbs are a form of drugs, even if they are natural. This does not mean that they are all safe, or good for you.
Which herbal teas can I drink?
There are no US regulations which specifically address herbal teas, any herb considered fine for food use by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is presumed to be safe for teas as well. If you do enjoy drinking herbal teas, there are some herbal teas which will benefit you during your pregnancy:
Chamomile Aids digestion
Dandilion Helps with swelling and can sooth an upset stomach
Ginger Root Helps with nausea & nasal congestion
Nettle Leaf Rich in iron, calcium and other minerals and vitamins
Peppermint Relieves gas pains & calms the stomatch
Red raspberry Helps with nausea & stablizes hormones
Of course you should steer clear of teas which contain ingredients which are unfarmiliar, so be sure to read the labels before you try them. Avoid all herbal teas which contain:
  • Ma Huang
  • Ephedra
  • Cohosh
  • Pennyroyal
  • Mugwart
Are ‘pregnancy teas’ safe?
While the makers of pregnancy teas promote their products as an all-around aid and tonic for those who are expecting, there are no clinical studies which actually support these claims. Many of the pregnancy teas sold in health food stores and in the natural products sections of markets, usually all contain ingredients which may be safe to be consumed, but it is always a good idea to make sure that you check the ingredients before buying.
Can herbal teas bring on labor?
There are some herbalists who maintain that raspberry tea can bring on labor. According to them, the red raspberry leaf helps relax the uterus and induce contractions. Once again, there doesn’t seem to be any proof or evidence that this is in fact true. When purchasing herbal teas to drink during your pregnancy, be sure that there are no harmful ingredients, and if you are unsure, ask a trained medical professional.
Herbal Tea

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