Determine Baby’s Sex

Let’s face it there are many old wives tales out there as to how to ensure that your baby is either a boy or a girl. Some are well, a little odd, and some seem as though they may have a bit of truth to them. Some which are based on medical fact and some which just plain don’t have any truth behind them at all.
Old Wives Tales On Conception
Your baby is what you eat?
  • If you want a boy: Eat red meat; Eat salty snacks such as: crackers and chips; Dads should drink plenty of sodas, preferably cola drinks.
  • If you want a girl: Eat lots of fish and veggies; Eat lots of sweats and chocolates.
Old Wives Tales And Sex
  • If you want a boy:The woman should stay horizontal after sex, as this gives the boy sperm a better chance of reaching the cervix than the girl sperm; Make love standing up, or use the rear entry position; Focus on the males pleasure during love making.
  • If you want a girl:Make love in the missionary position, or with the woman on top; Focus on the female’s sexual pleasure.
Other old wives tales on determining the sex of your baby include:
  • Make love on a quarter moon if you want a boy
  • Make love on a full moon if you want a girl
  • Make love on odd days for boys and even days for girls
  • Some old wives tales say that the more dominant sex in the relationship will produce offspring of the same sex
What The Experts Have To Say
Now we have heard the Old Wives Tales, lets see what the experts have to say about determining the sex of your baby. First of all we need to realize that there is no way to guarantee that we can determine the sex of your baby, but what we can do is look at the theory of conception and the male sperm in order to try to determine what the possible outcome of the sex of your baby may be, and how you can go about “planning the sex of your baby”. Here is what we do know:
  • The ‘male’ sperm cells swim quicker than the ‘female’ sperm cells. What this means is that a male will produce two different kinds of sperm cells, those which would create a boy and those which would create a girl, and the ‘male’ sperm will swim quicker than the ‘female’ sperm.
  • The ‘female’ sperm will remain alive inside the women for a longer period of time than the ‘male’ sperm.
  • The female egg produced by the women will only be fertile for a short period of time, about 24 hours, once it has been released when she ovulates.
OK, so that is the basis for the theory. Lets see how this is going to allow you to choose the sex of your baby. If you want a boy: We know that the ‘male’ sperm cells, which carry a Y-chromosome, swim more quickly than the ‘female’ sperm cells, which carry an X-chromosome, but will die off faster as well, so you and your partner will have to be sure that you are as close to 100% certain that you ovulating, then you would have sex closer to that ovulation date. This allows the faster swimming ‘male’ sperm to swim off to the waiting female egg and fertilize it before the slower swimming ‘female’ sperm reach their destination. If you want a girl: Well, it is really simple now that you see the pattern. If are planning for a girl then it is best to make love at least two days before you ovulate, as this will allow the faster swimming ‘male’ sperm to swim off, burn up their energy and die off, leaving the slower swimming ”female’ sperm to arrive to a ripe and ready female egg that is still waiting to be fertilized. Other factors to bear in mind:
  • Men should refrain from any kind of sexual activity for at least 2-4 weeks prior to the set date of your ovulation.
  • You could bathe your partners testicles in cool water, as a lower temperate is more appropriate for strong healthy sperm cells. Just also be aware not to make it too cold, as too cold a temperature may have the same effect as a high temperature.
  • Males should wear loose fitting boxers, as opposed to the traditional underwear for the reasons mentioned above.
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Determine Baby’s Sex

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