2nd Trimester Discomforts

Smoother sailing with the second trimester

Many of the early discomforts of pregnancy, especially the dreaded morning sickness, will begin to fade away during the second trimester. For most pregnant women, this is the best few months of their pregnancy and they certainly enjoy these months more than any other!

However, your body will continue to change and adapt as your baby grows and as pleasant as these months may seem, there may be some new aches and pains which may develop.

  • Leg Cramps
    These, strangely enough, often come about at night. Generally the quickest remedy for them is to simply stand up and stretch the muscles out. Read more on cramping.
  • Back and Abdominal Pain
    Your growing baby will soon start to place more and more pressure on your back, the muscles and the ligaments surrounding your lower back and uterus. If you have been following a regular exercise routine your muscles will gradually be getting stronger and remaining fairly flexible and so you may not experience this particular kind of pain until later on in your pregnancy.Other options you may want to try to help ease the pain may include:

    • Wear low-heeled shoes
    • Ensure your back is well-supported when you sit down
    • Ask your partner for a nightly back rub
    • Use the correct techniques for bending, lifting and exercising
  • Heartburn
    Heartburn is actually one of the more common discomforts you may experience during your pregnancy. Making a few changes in your diet may reduce heartburn. You may want to try avoiding the following foods:

    • fried foods
    • spicy foods
    • acidic foods
    • keeping meals small but more frequent
2nd Trimester Discomforts