1st Trimester Discomforts

Common Pregnancy Discomforts During The 1st Trimester
Each and every pregnancy is different and that also means that the symptoms, pains and discomforts you will feel may be different for each of your pregnancies. You may also experience some of these pregnancy symptoms to varying degrees during the course of your pregnancy. So, we have decided to take a look at the more common pregnancy pains and discomforts you may feel during each of the pregnancy trimesters.
The First Trimester : Tell-Tale Signs
Before the rest of the world can see that you are even pregnant your body will already start to send you signals and signs that your body is changing, that new life is already developing in your body. Some of these are not too pleasant and others are easy to deal with.
  • Morning Sickness This usually begins 2 – 8 weeks after your pregnancy starts and may last for up to three months! This particular symptom is fairly common and will leave you feeling off color regularly during the day. It won’t only strike in the morning as the name suggests, but may happen at any time of the day. Be sure to read our article on morning sickness if you are looking for remedies to help deal with this nasty little one.
  • Breast Tenderness Right from the beginning of your pregnancy you will notice a change in shape in your breasts and you will also notice that they may become quite sensitive as they start to prepare to produce milk. You may also notice the areole beginning to darken as your pregnancy progresses. It is essential that you have a bra which fits correctly, and later as your breast get bigger you will definitely need a maternity bra.
  • Bathroom Visits Your growing uterus is going to start putting pressure on your bladder and this is going to cause you to either need to use the bathroom more frequently, or feel as if you need to use the bathroom more frequently. As your pregnancy develops and your baby grows, he/she will put more and more pressure on your bladder eventually leaving you feeling as if you constantly need the loo.
  • Fatigue During your pregnancy you are going to constantly feel like you need to sleep. Unfortunately there is very little that you can do other than try and rest as often as you can, follow a healthy diet and follow a regular exercise plan. Be sure to also read our article on fatigue during pregnancy.
1st Trimester Discomforts

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