Week 13 Pregnancy Ultrasound Picture

What to Expect at This Appointment?

Congratulations moms, you have made it to the second trimester. The second trimester is when the rate of miscarriage significantly decreases and many mothers feel comfortable letting others know that they are expecting. Many expectant mothers are asked to consider a screening process that will help determine if their child will have any type of genetic abnormality. High risk mothers are encouraged to seek out these services; however, they are not mandatory. It is a mother’s choice if she wishes to undergo genetic testing or screening process.

During the 13th week, many of the harsher pregnancy symptoms. Many mothers are relieved to find that their morning sickness has abated. Many mothers should expect to deal with heartburn more frequently during the second trimester. Many mothers will find an increase in energy once the 13th week starts. Mothers shouldn’t be concerned if the symptoms don’t abate, every pregnancy is different.

What is Developing?

The baby is roughly the size of a peach. The head is still taking up half of the body mass. Tiny bones are developing in the limbs, allowing for more jerky movements. Some mothers are able to feel the little flutters; however, every pregnancy is different and mothers shouldn’t be alarmed if they are unable to feel the baby moving just yet. The placenta is about 1 ounce in weight and is working to provide nutrients to the fetus. The vocal cords start to develop in week 13. During this week, the vocal cords are very basic and with further development, they will strengthen and allow the baby to give a loud wail when they are born.

Mommy Tips

Moms are advised to inform their employers if they are expecting, especially at the start of the second trimester. The rate of miscarriage significantly decreases and majority pregnancies are healthy from here on out. Moms should ensure that they are the ones telling their employers and that the employer doesn’t hear it through the grapevine. This allows ample time to set up maternity leave, and to help ensure that mothers have their jobs waiting for them once maternity leave is done.

Many women have found that they experience an increase in vaginal discharge during the second trimester. This phenomenon is known as leukorrhea, or a whitish yellow discharge from the vagina. This discharge is perfectly safe and normal during pregnancy. The discharge should be thin, with a milky appearance, and shouldn’t have more than a mild smell. This condition is caused by the increase in the hormone estrogen and from the increase in blood flow to the vaginal area. Leukorrhea can be annoying but its purpose is to prevent infections in the birth canal, and to maintain the healthy bacteria associated with the vagina.

Constipation is a constant issue during pregnancy. A quick remedy for constipation, fruit skin. The skin of one apple has almost 5 grams of fiber. A small cup of applesauce has about 2 grams of fiber.

Week 13 Pregnancy Ultrasound Picture

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