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Is It Safe To Do Any Of The Following During Pregnancy?
  • … to bleach my teeth?There is no evidence to suggests that bleeching your teeth that you will be placing your baby is any harm. Having said that, there is no evidence to suggest that you are not placing your baby in any danger either.It is probably safer to discuss the options which you may have with your dentist, especially as tooth discoloration is usually an indication that there is a larger problem at and.
  • … to color my hair?There are some chemicals which are found in some hair dyes which are known to cause birth defects, and over the years some scientists have been trying to prove or disprove this by conducting tests on animals. In most cases the animals have been exposed to high doses of the chemicals that exceed what you are exposed to when you color your hair.Of course there are some people who believe that you may be better off using vegetable dyes rather than synthetic chemical hair dyes during the course of you pregnancy. Be sure to read the ingredients before you buy as there are some “natural dyes” which also contain the same ingredients as chemical dyes.At this stage it is more than likely to color your hair without worrying too much about your baby being effected, as long as you follow the directions for the product.
  • … to get a facial?There is absolutely no evidence that may indicate that having a facial during pregnancy is bad. You will not want to have something drastic like a body wrap or any other routine which involves excessive heat which your body cant get rid of.
  • … to have a mud bath?If you are thinking about having a mud bath, then your only concerns should be the type of mud which is used and that you stay hydrated and not get too hot.
  • … to get a tattoo?You will possibly stand the risk of contracting hepatitis B or C from a tattoo if the equipment which is being used is not clean and hygienic.
  • … to sit in a hot tub?If you are going to sit in a hot bath it is important that you can control the temperature of the water and keep it at no more that 100 deg F or 37.7 deg C. The other concern is that you will overheat or become dehydrated. You also stand the chance of your heart rate rising which can reduce the blood flow to your baby.
  • … to use chemical hair removers?We are not aware of any products that may lead to birth defects, but you will want to ensure that you minimize the time you are exposed to the product. Try and use the product in an area which is well ventilated and that you use the product as directed.
  • … to use self-tanning lotions or tanning beds?The ingredients used in self-tanners are harmless, so there no chance of them causing you any harm during your pregnancy.Tanning beds on the other hand are a completely different story. Although there is no conclusive proof that they cause any harm to your baby, there is of course lots of evidence that they are not good for you. They emit ultraviolet radiation, UV rays, which I am sure you are aware causes skin cancer.Not only that, lying on a tanning bed can raise your body temperatures to levels which are dangerous to your baby.
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Safe Beauty Treatments

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