Paediatrician Q&A

As you approach the end of your pregnancy you may want to start looking around for a paediatrician if you don’t already have one. We have some of the top questions you will want to ask a potential paediatrician. It may be a good idea to setup an “interview” with a potential paediatrician. You may want to book an appointment 3-4 weeks before your due date. When you book your appointment be sure to tell the receptionist that you are expecting a baby and are interviewing potential pediatricians.
  • What is your philosophy about child rearing? You may want to include in these types of question as part of the child rearing philosophy:
    • Do you support breastfeeding?
    • Should babies sleep in the same bed as their parents?
    • At what age do you think you should begin to wean your baby?
    • What are your thoughts on medicating children and antibiotics for children?
  • How much are your hospital charges and fees for office visits?
  • Does a pediatric nurse practitioner work in the office?
  • Do you charge for phone consults?
  • Do you return every call?
  • In some cases the paediatrician will return all calls and others may have members of staff return the calls.
  • How long are your appointments? The shorter the appointments are, such as 10-15 minutes the more chance you have of waiting around, and also be rushed through your appointment. A good appointment time is 20-30 minutes.
  • How frequently do you see baby in the first year A good paediatrician will also schedule ‘well child’ appointments, rather than just seeing your baby when he/she is sick all the time.
  • Do you have a “sick-child” waiting room? If your paediatrician also has ‘well child’ appointments, then they may need to have a different waiting room for healthy children and sick children. If you share a practice, will I always see you?
  • Do you have evening or Saturday hours?
Paediatrician Q&A

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