Feeling Good During Pregnancy

Even if you have been dreaming of being pregnant for years or if it has taken you by surprise, the chances are you’ve imagined what pregnancy might look and feel like. You may be looking forward to the changes your body will undergo as your baby grows, or perhaps you may be dreading them. If you are a little apprehensive about the transformation your body is about to undergo, you should remind yourself that the changes are all for a very good reason – you are creating a new human being! And now with that in mind, we have put together a few pointers to help you really enjoy the next nine months.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of makeup Makeup can do wonders during pregnancy and it can be used as a tool to help you feel attractive and in control during your pregnancy. That’s particularly important during a time when many women feel they’ve lost control of their body. You can really use make up to have a little fun, you can try a new lipstick or eye shadow without worrying about it being permanent or taking weeks to grow out – which leads us on to…
  • Avoid drastic hairstyle changes One of the wonderful “symptoms” of pregnancy is thicker, more lustrous hair, thanks to the changes in hormones your body goes through. Some women also notice that the texture of their hair changes or their locks become shinier during pregnancy.Many women feel like a change of hairstyle is also nice during their pregnancy, however, don’t go for any dramatic changes. It may be a better idea to work with your stylist to find a cut that suits you.
  • Embrace your inner fashionista In the past maternity clothes used to fall into two categories: muumuu or bow-festooned. However, this is very much the past as today there are so many hip maternity clothes available that your biggest challenge will be sticking to your budget.A useful hint for you when shopping: Black, the color of choice for chic, non-pregnant fashion plates also works wonders for future mommies as well. Add a little oomph to basic black with a bright piece of chunky jewelry or a colorful silk scarf, or by tying a cardigan around your shoulders.
  • Get the full treatment A manicure or pedicure can make a world of difference and can really lift your spirits and give you a quick self-esteem boost. You could even go the whole nine yards and throw in a pregnancy massage for good measure. There’s nothing quite like having someone else pamper you to make you feel like a queen for an hour or two.
  • Look after your skin Unfortunately it is the same hormones that send your emotions into an uproar which can wreak havoc on your skin. Your complexion may look great with it’s “pregnancy glow,” or it may break out like when you were a teen. Or it may become drier than usual and look splotchy. A good moisturizer can work wonders anywhere your skin feels dry, and this includes your expanding belly! The best way to stop that annoying itching as your belly expands is to keep it well moisturized.
  • Stay active When you feel bloated and sick to your stomach and simply getting off the couch can seem challenging, try and resist the urge to loaf. Get in some sort of exercise, even a 10 or 15-minute walk will leave you feeling energized and more like your pre-pregnancy self.Another fantastic reason to get moving: Exercise promotes muscle tone, strength, and endurance, so it can help you manage the extra weight you’re carrying, prepare you for the physical stress of labor and make bouncing back after the baby much easier.
Feeling Good During Pregnancy

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