Birthing Positions

The Good and Bad of Birthing Positions

In today’s modern times, we have also thankfully left behind the old idea that the only childbirth position which was successful was with the pregnant mother lying uncomfortably on her back with her legs in the air. There are many positions which are available to you during the course of childbirth, and it is important that you find a position which works best for you. Each position has it’s pros and cons though and you may need to use a combination of different positions.

Pros & cons of birthing positions

  • Excellent for delivering oxygen to baby
  • Uses gravity to help move baby through birth canal
  • Contractions are more effective and less painful
  • Helps speed up labor and create the urge to push
  • Poor control of delivery
  • Visualization very hard for birth attendant
  • Contractions often less painful
  • Encourages uterine contractility
  • Helps to speed up labor
  • Reduces backache
  • Encourages descent through the birth canal
  • Can’t be used if you suffer from high blood pressure
  • Continuous electronic fetal monitoring cannot be used
  • Good for resting
  • Uses gravity to help baby move through the canal
  • Can be used with continuous electronic monitoring as well as birth ball to encourage descent
  • May not be able to use if you suffer from high blood pressure
Sitting on Toilet
  • Helps to relax perineum
  • More comfortable position which you may be used to
  • Uses gravity to help move baby through canal
  • Sitting on the toilet seat may cause additional pain
Birthing Positions

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