When Not To Exercise

Reasons To NOT Exercise While Pregnant

Although exercising during your pregnancy is recommended there are some factors which come into play when you should NOT be exercisng at all. We have given a basic list of complications and symptoms where exercise is strongly prohibited and so if you have any of the following please refrain from exercise unless otherwise stated by your healthcare provider.

  • Heart disease
  • Lung disease
  • Incompetent cervix: The cervix is the narrow, outer end of the uterus. If it is weak, it cannot hold the fetus in the uterus.
  • Preterm labor (before 37 completed weeks of pregnancy)
  • Multiple pregnancy (twins, triplets or more) at risk for preterm labor
  • Frequent bleeding from the vagina during months 4-9 of pregnancy
  • Placenta previa: The placenta connects the babys blood supply to the mothers blood. Attached to the mothers uterus, it is an unborn babys lifeline. Placenta previa is a low-lying placenta that covers part or all of the cervix. This can block the babys exit from the uterus.
  • Hypertension

If for any reason you are concerned for the wellbeing of either you or your baby please consult with a professional for a more accurate diagnosis and possibly steps you could follow to ensure your pregnancy is a healthy one.


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When Not To Exercise