Ultrasound Pregnancy Test

An ultrasound is one of the most useful diagnostic tests your healthcare provider will use to evaluate your pregnancy, and try to establish whether there are any possible complications in your pregnancy.

Ultrasound involves the use of high-frequency sound waves, which are made by applying an alternating current to a transducer, which is used in conjunction with a lubricant. The transducer is passed over the abdomen and stomach, and sound waves are projected from the transducer through the abdomen into the pelvis. Different tissues of the body reflect the ultrasounds differently, and this allows us to distinguish what is what.

What can an Ultrasound determine?
  • Early identification of pregnancy
  • Show the size and growth rate of your baby
  • Identifying the presence of two or more fetuses
  • Measure the head, abdomen and length of body parts of the fetus
  • Identifying Down Syndrome in a fetus
  • Identifying fetal abnormalities
  • Identifying abnormalities of internal organs
  • Measuring amount of amniotic fluid
  • Identifying placenta abnormalities
  • Identifying uterine abnormalities or tumors

Your healthcare provider may ask you to drink plenty of water before having your ultrasound test done, this is because your uterus is behind your bladder and having a full bladder will help to make your uterus rise out of your pelvis, making it easier to gain a clear picture. Unfortunately having a full bladder may leave you feeling a little comfortable during the exam.

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