Hypnosis for Childbirth Continued

Can women give birth without experiencing pain? They can, but there are many variables in labor and birth that can affect the outcome, and couples need to have a positive but realistic view of hypnosis for childbirth. Each pregnant woman and her partner must take responsibility for the choices they make while in labor and how they can affect the dynamics and outcome. Many a wonderful birth has been thwarted by not realizing how to make positive, informed choices, yet these issues are easily addressed and learned in a good consumer oriented childbirth class, or by doing research. Without a doubt, women using hypnosis are much calmer and more relaxed during labor, which automatically creates more comfort, as well as having *powerful* post-hypnotic suggestions to actually eliminate pain and fear. How effective is this? Statistics will vary by the program and method chosen, depending on the length and number of hypnosis sessions, the materials used in each, and the skill of the hypnotherapist or teacher, as well as the dedication and compliance to the program of each birthing couple. Ideally, hypnosis for childbirth instructors will have backgrounds in both hypnotherapy and childbirth education, and be able to address each woman’s personal needs. With adequate preparation and trust in the natural process of birth, most women can have much more relaxed and comfortable births, with many actually free of pain. It is important to know that the childbirth hypnosis program you choose to use will directly affect your success in having a comfortable birth, so educate yourself before choosing.

Benefits of using hypnosis for childbirth

  • Fewer drugs or no drugs at all means less risk of side effects on mother and baby
  • Shorter labors – resistance of the birthing muscles as a response to pain is minimized or eliminated.
  • An awake, energized mother, due to total relaxation throughout the birthing process.
  • A calm, peaceful birthing environment.
  • Breech and posterior babies can be turned using hypnosis.
  • Fewer interventions and complications during labor.
  • Babies who are better sleepers and nursers due to fewer drugs in their systems

How to study: Where do you start?

There are choices open to couples who are ready to begin their hypno-journey, and it will benefit each one to research all of their options to find one that allows them to achieve their goal. They include: Choice # 1: You can seek out a childbirth hypnosis class in your area. Some are taught at local birth centers, holistic offices or the instructor’s homes. The backgrounds of instructors should include hypnosis training and childbirth education, both necessary for excellent results. Hypnobabies Instructors have both and are well-trained. Choice # 2: You can choose a self-study birth hypnosis course. To find one, you can do a search on the Internet for: “hypnosis, childbirth, self-study.” An adequate home study program will have detailed information on hypnosis and how to use it in childbirth, and hypno-tools for you to achieve your goals; books, tapes or CD’s, a course manual, handouts, hypnosis scripts. Since you will be studying on your own, it is your responsibility to gain as much knowledge as possible, so choose well. Hypnobabies is a complete childbirth course with real medical hypno-anesthesia, providing the most comprehensive childbirth hypnosis instruction. It is also extremely important to make sure that whatever birth hypnosis program you choose has excellent an ongoing support, both by telephone and e-mail. Hypnobabies has both, from our main office as well as dedicated instructors, home study supervisors and an online Hypnobabies Moms support group.
About Kerry Tuschhoff:
Kerry Tuschhoff, HCHI, CHt, CI is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Childbirth Educator, and Founder/Director of Hypnobabies Network in Cypress, CA She teaches Hypnobabies Instructor Training Courses, Hypno-Doula Workshops, Pregnancy Nutrition and Breastfeeding workshops, Birth Hypnosis Specialty Courses and gives seminars on natural pregnancy and childbirth options. Kerry also created the Hypnobabies Home Study Course for women who need self-study options for hypnotic childbirth, and is the author of The Introduction to Childbirth Hypnosis Workbook for Professionals, and The Hypnobabies Hypno-Doula Workbook. The foremost expert in Hypnosis for Childbirth, she is also an international conference speaker and lecturer. Looking For More Information? Check out the website at: www.Hypnobabies.com or send her an email on [email protected]
Hypnosis for Childbirth Continued

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