Month 10 Baby Development

Baby Development: 10 Months Old

Week 37 Read Full Article

  • Crawls with one hand holding something
  • Can turn around when crawling
  • Bangs objects together at center of body
  • Uncovers a toy he/she saw hidden
  • Diliberately chooses a toy for play
  • Immitates soume sounds
  • Manipulates and drinks from cup
Week 38 Read Full Article

  • Can take a few steps if supported
  • Reaches for small objects with finger and thumb
  • Grows bored with repetition
  • Is aware of vertical space
  • Begins to evaluate peoples moods
Week 39 Read Full Article

  • Climbs
  • Crawls up stairs
  • Clasps hands
  • Can follow simple instructions
  • Is becoming affraid of heighs
  • May learn to protect him/herself and possesions
  • Performs for audiences; repeats act if applauded
Week 40 Read Full Article

  • Stands with little support
  • May develop sleep problems caused by practicing standing in the middle of the night
  • Voluntarily releases object in awkward manner
  • Grasps tiny objects with thumb and index finger
  • Increasingly stands and obeys some words and commands
  • enjoys playing in the water
  • Prefers one of several toys
  • Repeats sounds and gestures tog et attention
  • Waves bye-bye