How Early Can I have Pregnancy Symptoms?

Conception takes place when the ovum (female egg) unites with the sperm (male egg) and a zygote is formed. On maturing, the zygote becomes an embryo. The embryo attaches itself to the walls of the uterus and this process is called implantation. Implantation usually takes place 8 -10 days after conception. This is the time when a woman is most likely to experience the early pregnancy symptoms. These symptoms include:

Spotting – During implantation, women may get red to brownish spotting. This is often mistaken for a regular menstrual period.
Cramps in the abdomen – Due to hormonal changes in the body, women suffer from painful abdominal cramps which are worse than menstrual cramping.

Breast Changes – Breasts become tender and sore and start growing.
Morning Sickness – You may feel queasy, especially in the morning. This is one of the prime side effects of the increasing hormones in your body.

Tiredness – Since your body is working twice as much to prepare for the baby, you feel tired and fatigued very often.
Experiencing all these symptoms does not necessarily mean that you’re pregnant, because often women feel these symptoms when they want to conceive and have a misconception that they are pregnant and start feeling so. A pregnancy is confirmed only after you miss your periods and get a positive result. Each woman is different. Even if you did not experience the early symptoms of pregnancy this does not mean that you’re not pregnant. Many women experience the first symptoms of pregnancy as late as 8 weeks.

If you’re experiencing the early symptoms of pregnancy, you must wait until you miss your periods and then take a home pregnancy test. The symptoms of pregnancy are quite similar to those of a regular menstrual cycle for many women and very often women get confused. It is best to wait till your periods so that all doubts are cleared.

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