Home Birth

Home Birth – Pros and Cons


When weighing all the birthing options available today it’s becoming more common for women to consider having a home birth. Although modern medicine have taken us many steps forward, some have decided to take a few steps back and pursue the most natural of labor experiences.


There are many advantages to having your baby at home. The cost itself is much lower than any other birth setting. There is also the fact that you have all the comforts and familiarity of your own space. Being able to use your own bed, bathroom, and creature comforts is a major advantage to a more relaxed birthing experience.


Also, there is no limit of witnesses; hospitals have varying restrictions on who can be in the delivery room. Some facilities even allow only one. You in return get the privacy of not including all the hospital staff and doctors running in and out of your room. If you would like a lot of family or friends to share in the occasion you may want to consider a home. When it’s actually time for labor, you will have complete freedom in positioning, ambience, relaxation techniques, and setting. There are no time restraints compared to a hospital where they give you 12-24 hours before intervention.


Statistics show you are ten times more likely to have a cesarean section at a hospital than at home or a birthing center. It’s safe to say your home is the best location for the most natural birthing experience. There are also some cons to deciding on a home birth. In some states home birth is actually illegal. You need to know the law. Even though the cost is less some insurance companies do not cover home births, check with your carrier to be sure. You would need to decide if the out of pocket expense should you need it is worth it.


This would not be ideal if you are a high-risk pregnancy. If an emergency arises which is rare, you would need to be transported to the hospital and depending on your location that could cause complications, stresses, and added expenses. Home births are definitely a situation that calls for all hands on deck. If you have young children you want to plan for someone to keep them occupied so they do not become a distraction or stress during labor.


Sometimes a partner is fearful about the labor and delivery process and may become uncomfortable. Be sure to discuss all the plans you have with all involved thoroughly. No matter how you bring your baby into the world, there really isn’t a wrong or right way, just what is right for you. Being as informed as possible and weighting all your options is always a great idea.

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