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A Guide To Conception & Falling Pregnant

Believe it or not, it can be extremely difficult for conception to take place successfully, although you wouldn't think so with all the teen and unplanned pregnancies there are in the world today.

Essentially the environment within the female body has to be perfect in order for fertilization to take place. Not to mention the time frame in which you actually have for conception to take place, when the female egg is ready to be fertilized, is very short.

There are many factors which can prevent conception from taking place. Most can be rectified by a number of different methods - medical or otherwise. We have a number of articles which will assist you in your quest for a successful conception.

Conception Related Articles

Conception Videos Conception Videos
Take a look at a series of conception videos for more of how you can improve your chances of falling pregnant. From the basics of conception, increasing your fertility and even how to conceive a boy or girl!

What Can You Expect From Our Conception Guide?

Find out the basics of how conception takes place. When during the female cycle you will be at your most fertile.  What you need to do to ensure that you are at your optimal to guarantee successful fertilization.

You're making love with your partner when you feel at your most fertile but yet after a number of months of trying you still haven't had successful conception. Find out what could possibly be preventing you from falling pregnant.

There are positions you and your partner may try to ensure that you have the optimum chances of falling pregnant.

Tips, tricks and old wives tales to try and ensure that your baby is the sex you are hoping for.

Checklist of medical tests which may be performed to try and establish if you or your partner has any medical problems that may prevent successful conception.

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