The Importance Of Having A Birth Plan

Preparing your birth-plan before going into labor will give you the chance to think about how you want your childbirth process to go and to sit down with your partner and discuss the options which you have available.

Although you may not be able to control exactly how the labor goes, it will give you a plan of action and a course you would like it to follow if everything goes smoothly.

Having a written birth plan in place will also be useful to your healthcare provider and other medical staff when you are in labor, especially for staff who would not have been present during any discussions which you may have had with your healthcare


Discussing your birthplan further with you healthcare provider will allow you to share your thoughts with him/her, and they may be able to refine your choices a little better.

Print out your final plan and give one to your practitioner, have one put in your file at the hospital or birth center, and put one in the hospital bag you’re packing for the day you give birth.

So, now that we have gone through why we should be creating your birth-plan, lets look at what options a birth plan should cover. Your birth plan should cover topics such as:

  •  Your Personal Information
  •  Labor options and augmentation
  •  Monitoring options
  •  Anesthesia
  •  Cesarean
  •  Episiotomy
  •  Delivery Options
  •  Post delivery options
  •  Breastfeeding
  •  Circumcision